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Airgun training

07 SEP 2017 18:09
The airgun training will start on Friday September 1:st.
  • Skapad: 07 SEP 2017 18:09

The shooting range is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays between 5pm until 7:30pm (both air pistol and air rifle shooting).

Tuesday and Thursday:  sitting shooters: 5-6 pm, standing shooters: 6-7pm.

Short presentation of theory or practice for the day will be given at the starting time for each group.Standing shooters are to be ready with warm up and clothes at 6pm. Rifle coach and pistol coach will be available for assistance on those days

Friday: Training starts at 5pm and 6pm as above, shooter report at the range so presence can be registered. The shooters are then free to do individual exerscies according to their current progam, the main difference is that we can’t guarantee that both pistol and rifle coach is present on Fridays.

Beginners that are interested to join shooting class are welcome to show up at the range on preferably on Thursdays from 5 pm and latest 6 pm.

Welcome to Ka2 shooting club!

Skribent: Rikard Elmlund
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